Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A lensbaby Project

Been wanting to try a project like this for some time inspired by this blogger mainly. So here goes...

For now until December 31st i'll be posting up a picture daily (as often as possible) taken exclusively with the lovely lensbaby composer. If i stumble...do press me.

Photo number 1 : Bokeh Lovin'

Blog ressurected

First post in a very long time...i shall tidy up the blog page template as i go along :)

I've decided to post my 2009 goals up as a start. This blog; i've decided, after all...shall be sort of a personal log of what i'm doing with my life (*^__^*)

My 2009 Goals:-

1) Dive Sipadan (a goal i actually finished early in the year)

2) "Plan" (1st time) and "climb Gunung Kinabalu" (3rd time) successfully for friends and make it up before sunrise.

3) Learn to tie a tie properly (yes...i can tie a tie but it's never straight!)

4) Learn to tie a bowtie

5) Read the bible front to back

6) Work hard on the chocolate factory

7) Run the KL Marathon this year under 4hrs 45min

8) Run the Penang Marathon this year under 4hrs 30min (previous time 4hrs 54mins 07sec)

9) Really really quit smoking this time

10) Immerse myself in photography / photoshop

Look for an updated list time to time :)